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Best Romantic Comedies on Amazon Prime

There’s nothing better than streaming the best romantic comedies on Amazon Prime when ever you feel like laughing whilst learning a thing or two about love and getting in touch with your emotions. Amazon prime does a great job of delivering great content that satisfies binge watchers and single lovers worldwide. So whether you just feel like spending the next one hour and thirty minutes consecutively laughing and crying, there’s nothing better to watch than a romantic comedy. So, what are the best romantic comedies on Amazon Prime Video?

Best romantic comedies on Amazon Prime 2015:

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend- A young lady “Rebecca” channels all her efforts to get back her ex-boyfriend back after a gruesome breakup named josh and moves to California to try her best to win back his heart.

Catastrophe- Two mature like individuals go on a lot of vacation relationship which they indulge in a lot of sexual activities and end ups conceiving a baby and ultimately decide to raise it up together but as you can guess… there’s going to be a lot of catastrophe!

Younger- This romantic comedy features Liza and other women which love things such as; dating apps, period sex and gets caught up in a love triangle which seems to do her good but also tailors good comedy along the way.

Best romantic comedies on Amazon Prime 2016:

The Lovers- This is a great funny romantic film about two unhappily married couples who end up seeking other married partners and start an affair whilst still maintain the bitterness in the unhappy marriage.

Maggie’s Plan- This romantic comedy features extramarital affair which a young gal seems to know what to do as she is always coming up with the most illicit plans but is surprising how well you feel about the relationships she’s in.

How to be single- Alice eventually decides that she needs time away from her boyfriends and is excited for new challenges, Alice and her friend move to New York and take part in sexual activities such as having one night stands and meeting men.

Best romantic comedies on amazon prime 2017

The Big Sick- This American romantic comedy features two lovers, Kumali from Pakistan who meets an American graduate student Emily. But kumali soon becomes worried about what his Pakistani parents think about Emily but she soon falls into a coma.


Best romantic comedies on amazon prime 2018

The competition- Lauren Maudlin follows a ritual whereby, she believes in ending relationships in 6 months to prevent unfaithfulness but chris and kalvin try to prove her wrong by trying to steal another woman’s man.

Permission- A couple who spend so much time with each other to the point they’re about to get married but decide to sleep with other people before getting engaged.
Half magic- Three woman who find themselves in a stale relationship ultimately decide to leave their partners and decide to dictate who to fall in love with and on what conditions.

Best romantic comedies on Amazon Prime free 2019--these are the Best romantic comedies on Amazon Prime now:

What men want- Sports agent Ali Davis wonders what she needs to do in order to succeed in a man’s world but ends up drinking a weird mixture which gives her the ability to hear what men are thinking.

Love & basketball- This movie follows Monica and Quincy, kids that grow up playing basketball together and end up falling in love and turn into exes.

Where’d you go Bernadette- Is a story about a brunette who disappears and ends up living her perfect life which is filled with drama and sweet romantic moments with her husband Crudup.

Best Lesbian romantic comedies on Amazon Prime video

Blue is the warmest color- A teenager meets a blue haired art student in a lesbian bar and ultimately evolves into a deep comfortable relationship which they decide to explore each other’s sexual favors.

Room in rome- This romantic comedy is filled with a lot of sexual tension and romance. Two young girls stay together in a hotel in rome when they gradually become physically closer and after displaying sexual attraction for one another. They end up realizing that the romantic getaway will soon be over.

Liz in September- When a young women named Eva lost her son to cancer and feels like her husband is cheating on her, she ends up meeting another woman named Liz and they gradually start developing feelings for one another.

Best free romantic comedies on Amazon Prime:

  • My man Godfrey
  • Kicking and screaming
  • The lobster
  • Return to me
  • College
  • Ghost town
  • The Best romantic comedies on Netflix and amazon prime
  • Beautiful Girls
  • Chasing Amy
  • Chocolat
  • Ella Enchanted
  • 40 days and 40 nights

Best romantic comedies on Amazon Prime UK:

  • Notting Hill
  • Love, Actually
  • Wimbledon
  • Love, Rosie
  • Me before you