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Is Flixify the new SuperChillin?

Is Flixify the new superchillin?

For those who don’t know, Superchillin and Flixify are streaming sites that provide free Videos to watch for its users. Flixify has recently joined the game offering the same services with a wider set of Movies and TV series for a premium price. For many years, superchillin has provided thousands of movies and TV series streamed directly to the device but Flixify adds new features that have never appeared on superchillin and creates a huge rivalry between these two popular streaming services.


What is Flixify?

Flixify is a streaming service that offers the latest Movies, Tv series and cartoons that can be streamed to an android, IOS and windows compatible device. It’s basically a web based application that streams videos directly to a device which can be compared to Netflix or Amazon Prime but the only difference is that you pay a onetime fee to join and enjoy unlimited benefits of streaming at up to 1080p with zero to no lag experience.

How does flixify work?

Flixify has an estimated 700 microservices that control and interact with users streaming choices by using a fetch system which locates a video within a large server and creates streaming ports to deliver to a web client. The videos are stored within a large database in the same way Netflix does but a lot of videos on fixify are connected to pirating sources and stream from a host’s computer.

Where did flixify come from?

Many rumors online state that flixify came because of “superchillin”. Many articles online compare these two streaming services which makes sense to why superchillin is the origin of this streaming website.

When did flixify start?

Flixify originally started its streaming services in 2017 and became extremely popular in November 2018 due to their invite only policy which attracted a lot of individuals as they were trying extremely hard to get invites.

How good is flixify?

Flixify is a really great streaming service when it comes to content. The website is frequently updated with the latest movies and tv series and it doesn’t get better than that. The best part is that this website doesn’t display any ads at all! The site also has unique features such as “requesting for shows or movies” which gives you the potential to access all the movies or shows you want within 24 hours.

What browsers does flixify work with?

Flixify can work on any browser such as Chrome, Opera Safari etc. Provided that the web browsers are up-to-date and have HTM5 but you might be prompted to install Adobe flash player but if your browser is up-to-date you shouldn’t have any problems when watching video.

How does flixify get their videos?

Majority of flexify videos are pirated. Pirating is the form of obtaining Multimedia and or software applications without paying for them and making them widely downloadable using pirating services such as thepiratebay.

How to join flixify?

You can join flixify by the following 2 methods including, either by an invite or directly accessing
their website.

Registering on Flixify

How can I register/sign up for flixify?

Currently, the only way to sign up for flixify is to get an invite from a member who already has an account on flixify.

How to get a flixify invite?

Flixify invites can be found easily as they are scattered around the internet which all have their own price points for an invite. But if your friend has an account, you can simply ask that individual to invite you through a link. But the new policy only allows premium members to send invites, not free users.

How many profiles can you have on flixify?

A user can have only 2 profiles on Flixy

I have a flixify paid membership how do i get invites?
To get invites on flixy, your account must be at the highest level which is “streamroyale” which will allow you to invite send out invites to anyone.

How to accept the invite in flixify?

The best way to accept the invitation in flixify is to navigate to the refer/ invite section and click on accept to allow the user to have access to flixify.

Why won’t flixify let me invite anyone?

Flixify are trying to limit how many individuals use its services since it is pirate based and has no valid license to copyright material.

How do i get to flixify register?

You can see if registration is available by visiting this link: https://www.flixify.com/home

How do flixify invites work?

Invites work when a premium member generates up to 5 unique invite links which he/she copy the link and then sends it to a specific individual.

Casting Flixify

How to cast flixify to your tv?

In order to cast fixify you’ll need the following items: 1) Google home application 2) Chromecast device

Step 1: Plug in your chromecast device – Plug into your TV, then plug in the USB power cable to the chromecast. Either plug the other end of the usb power cable into an available USB port or in the included power adapter.

Step 2: Connect your chromecast device- Make sure both devices are connected to the same WI-FI network.

Step 3: Download Google Home app

Step 4: Set up Chromecast- follow the set up instructions

Step 5: Cast Content

Why can't ipad cast flixify?

This depends on the format and size of the file you’re trying to cast that your Ipad doesn’t support.

How long do you have to wait to have a movie put on flixify?
Movies are usually added 24 hours within release date. But you also have the option to request for your own tv series or movie which takes up to 48 hours.


Viewing and Pricing

Why is flixify on every video?
This is to discourage users from profiting on videos with screen recording software and gives credit to flixify by adding a watermark to market the viewing site.

How to save tv shows on flixify?
You can’t save videos offline as they are viewed online

What happens when my flixify 7 day is over?
You will be asked to purchase a regular subscription or a premium subscription to keep on streaming videos.

How to upload closed captioning on flixify?
Upload closed captions via the “Upload subtitle” button. His is presented to the user in the closed caption (CC) dialog box of the player. Simply click the (cc) box and upload the closed caption file to the server. Video creators upload captions and subtitles to their own videos.

How does flixify serve content?
Flixify serves its content like most other modern streaming sites such as Netflix does and displays it in either 720p or 1080p at standard 60fps of course. All videos have a flixify watermark.

How do I get subtitles for a movie on flixify?
Subtitles are automatically available on every video you watch and automatically displays them.

How to turn off subtitles on kodi flixify?
Navigate at the bottom of the video and you’ll see a cc box. Simply click on that and remove the subtitles

How to get out of flixify?
Getting Out of Flixify is as simple as closing the window at the top corne”X” or by pressing the home button.

How many devices can you watch flixify on at one time?
Flixify allows users to connect up to 5 devices at the same time. Devices allowed are Xbox, IPhone, Android, Tablet and PS4.

How much internet does streaming flixify use?
Streaming a series at 720p usually takes 9 mb a minute whilst 1080p usually takes 17.4 mbs a minute but this also depends on the IPS and the type of series or movie you’re watching.

Flixify how do i add a show to favorites?
On the left side of the dashboard, click on TV series, once you located the Series, click on it and Find a star icon or hover over clickable items until an ALT text displays “add show to favorites”.

How to download from flixify?

Downloading movies and series on this website can be done with the help of IDM (Internet Download manager)

Step 1: Download Internet Download manager
Step 2: Locate the video on flixify
Step 3: Right click on the video
Step 4: Click “Save Video with download manager”

Best Video downloading apps

  • TubeMate
  • Free Video downloader
  • Video Downloader
  • Advanced Video downloader
  • FVD – Free video downloader

What are popular series worth downloading?

how I met your mother season 5 episode 18 flixify

Alternatively: copy the link of the video, paste it in IDM and start the download

How many members does flixifyy have?
So far they are estimated to have over 2,000+ members. This is due to their new inviting policy which restricts the number of users at a time

Account and Subscription

How much does flixify cost?

To get an invite it costs $15 and that comes with free streaming rights but offers another tier service called “streamroyale” will cost you $35.

How much is flixify premium account?

The flixify premium account will cost you $35 and is called “Streamroyale”

How to get premium on flixify?

After you register using the invite link, you will have to go to accounts then invites, the click on the “get premium, blue button” which you will pay $35 to receive the premium version called “streamroyale”.

How to cancel flixify subscription?

  • Sign in to flixify
  • Click the down arrow at the top right of page, next to your profile name
  • Select the Account section
  • Below Membership and Billing, navigate the cancel membership box.
  • Finish cancellation process to cancel subscription

More about Flixify

When will avengers infinity war be on flixify?

Avengers infinity war is currently available to stream at 720p and 1080p at 60 frames per second.

In which website they are posting flixify video link?

You can find many postings in the bitcointalk forum which for invite links but sadly there is no video link.


How often is flixify on sale?

Flixify isn’t usually on sale as they have added a new policy which is invite only basis and offers its services discretely in order to maintain smooth streaming and not to attract a lot of attention.

How to get flixify for free?

The only way to get a flixify account for free is by obtaining a valid log in from your friends or by requesting one online on a forum that doesn’t mind letting you test out their services. But the closest offer to free is for $1.50 trail account for 7 days. Try the deepweb at your own risk.


What similar sites like flixify?


This website is similar to put locker and is ultimately free, which means you can have the Netflix experience at no cost at all. There are 30 Genres available in movies which makes navigation easy. This site makes its revenue from running ads on the website but they won’t interfere with the streaming experience.

Key Points:
Largest database of Movies
30 Genre Navigation
Strong search engine


This streaming site have a shared database, meaning that there is more movies and TV series stored within the website. Their database is updated almost every single day and offer high definition streaming.

Key Points:
Comparable to 123movies
High definition streaming
Updated regularly


This website is very popular with delivering TV series and Movies only. Navigating this site is extremely easy as it comes with well categorized genre and an advanced content filtration features which lets you find the exact content you’re looking for.

Key Points:
All content in HD
Huge collection of Movies and TV series
Advanced search filter
No ads


This service is a great alternative to that of Putlocker as it comes with high quality TV series and Movies. The layout is very clean and simple to avoid crashing your web browser. It has great streaming consistency and has a good filter system which lets you search by the year which makes navigation easier.

Key points:
Great Layout that looks nearly like Netflix
No advertisements
Good streaming speed
High definition quality