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How to Jailbreak a Chromecast?

A Google chromecast is a convenient flashdrive that plugs into the HDMI port of a TV set and allows the user to stream movies and shows from a wide range of popular services including Netflix and Crackle. The Chromecast comes in two variants which is the basic version and the Ultra, the latter which supports 4k and comes with an Ethernet adapter. The term jailbreak in the Google Chromecast context is basically using the device or app to watch pirated content. Fortunately, jailbreaking is perfectly legal so there is no risk of breaking any laws.
Most ‘jailbreakers’ use applications that provide access to more video content through compatible third party add-ons such as Kodi Media player and Crowns Lite. Both applications must be sideloaded onto the android device. This means the device settings should be switched to Unkown Services. To jailbreak a Chromecast with Kodi the following requirements will be necessary:
Wi-Fi Connection – the Chromecast and the device that you are casting from (Android or PC) will need to be connected to a Wi-Fi connection on the same network.
Kodi – this application should be installed on your Android or PC prior to starting the process. It is imperative that the version of Kodi installed must be compatible with the operating system.
Kodi Add-Ons – Any necessary add-ons that will be used while casting should also be installed prior to the process.
VPN software – while this is an optional requirement, most Kodi users add it for security and privacy purposes.
Google Home app – this is usually required when casting from an Android device rather than a PC. If not already installed, the latest version must be downloaded from Google Play.
Google Chrome web browser – this is only required if the casting is being done on the PC, and if not already installed, the latest version can be found on the web.

How to Install Kodi?

While installing Kodi on a PC is relatively simpler, getting it for a streaming stick is considerably tedious. The entire process though being tough only takes about five to ten minutes to install. The steps to installing it on a fire stick are as follows:
Access the device settings – this is done by going to the settings menu and clicking Device. This is where app installation permissions can be controlled.
Click on Developer Options – this is the second option the list in most cases. This is where apps from unknown sources can be enabled or disabled.
Enable Apps from Unknown sources – if the setting is off, clicking it once should activate it. It should be noted that there is a possibility that installing third – party apps could cause the device to malfunction in some ways. If this happens then the problem can be remedied by restoring factory settings.
Acquire the Kodi app – there are other ways of installing the Kodi app but the simplest is to use a free downloader app.
Direct Downloader to the Kodi website – the best URL to use is http://www.kodi.tv/download, but other sources can be used.
Select the Android App – the Kodi Android app should work fine because the Fire TV’s operating system is a branch of Android.
Choose the 32-bit Installation – from reviews of different users, this version of the app is among the best with Fire TV devices but other versions can be experimented with.
Click Install
Customize the Kodi app – Kodi can be accessed just like any other Fire TV app allowing sharing media libraries and add-ons.

What is the Difference between Jailbreaking Chromecast and Fire Stick?

The main difference between the Chromecast and the Amazon Fire stick is that apps need to be installed on the Amazon Fire Stick. The good thing is that if the app can be installed on the Fire Stick, the content can be cast on the Fire Stick. Some apps however may not be available like Youtube, even though there are ways around it with a compromise on quality and experience.
On the chromecast, you need to have the content on an Android device or PC. The content can then be cast on to the Chromecast, however there are no apps to be installed on the Chromecast. If the content provider does not support Chromecast, it is not possible to cast it on to Chromecast.


How to Jailbreak Chromecast for Apple users?

Google released an app that allows Apple users to manage their Chromecast using their device. The following steps show it is possible to pair the Chromecast to the iOS device:
Plugging it in - Plug the CHromecast into the TV, connect the power cord and turn on the TV, and switch to the HDMI input setting. Download the Chromecast app on the iOS device and while it installs, turn on the Wi-Fi and connect to the Chromecast option.
Connecting – Open the Chromecast app and the option to name the device and select which Wi-Fi network to run on. Make sure the iOS device is on the same network as the Chromecast and the streaming is ready.