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Political Movies on Netflix

A political movie is one in which the movie portrays current or historical events including social conditions in a zealous way to inform or to agitate the viewer. They come in different forms such as documentaries or shows and mostly movies which can be found on Netflix.

Good Political Movies on Netflix

Netflix is a streaming service and they have a wide assortment of good political documentaries, dramas and satire that can be found on their library. They provide a look into both domestic and international politics and below is a list of good political movies to select from:

13th – this movie was directed by Ava Duvernay and released in 2016 that centres on our collective understanding of progress. The director is able to point directly to the history that defined progress for black Americans. In doing this she draws a line directly from the 13th amendment, to today’s America, which has the highest rate of incarceration in the world.

In the Loop – this 2009 movie directed by Armando Iannucci is a witty and quotable film and the director keeps the viewer entertained by verbal, clever and articulate humour.

Patton – This movie was released in 1970 and can also be found on Netflix. Directed by Frankilin J. Schaffner it focuses on one of World War 2’s most renowned military figures, George S.Patton.


Best Political Thriller Movies on Netflix

Netflix is not short of political thrillers and viewers with a preference for this genre have a wide variety to choose from. The list below shows some of the good political thrillers that can be found on Netflix:

Bridge of Spies – this movie was set at the height of the Cold War and tells the true story of a prisoner swap that took place on the border between the then-divided East and West Germany. Starring Tom Hanks as an attorney tasked with defending the Soviet agent who comes to be brokered by the swap.

The Ides of March – this movie stars George Clooney and Ryan Gosling in a political thriller that focuses on the public display of politics in democracy and sets up a compelling web of secrets and election season intrigue.

The Manchurian Candidate – this movie casts Denzel Washington as a former commanding officer who is haunted by dreams of a possible conspiracy to kidnap and brainwash troops and make them think of one of the Sergeant was a war hero.

Best movies on Netflix 2019 without a Political Agenda

In 2019, Netflix has many exciting content to subscribe and watch. This list consists of some of the following content which includes:

The Hurt Locker – this movie directed by Kathryn Bigelow and released in 2008 is a military movie that focuses on a Sergeant and his specialist on an Iraqi tour. They eventually find themselves with a bomb specialist who seems to thrive on risk taking when it comes to defusing bombs.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – This is a movie released in 2000 and directed by Ang Lee, and focuses on a warrior and his lover and a mysterious sword. Set in the 19th century in the Qing Dynasty China where a search for a sword leads the two lovers on a wild adventure.

Tucker and Dale vs Evil – in this 2010 movie directed by Eli Craig, two friends go on a backwoods vacation that goes wrong when ignorant college students mistake them for a pair of murderous hillbillies.

Political Comedy Movies on Netflix

For the viewers that prefer political comedies, Netflix has a variety to choose from. Below is a list that comprises some of the recommended political comedies that can be found on Netflix and are sure to keep the viewer entertained:

The Bad Education Movie – in this 2015 comedy directed by Elliot Hegarty takes place in the United Kingdom and focuses on an incompetent teacher that leads his class of rejects on a disastrous field trip to Cornwall.

Thank You for Smoking – This movie was directed by Jason Reitman and released in 2006 and also happened to be executive produce by Elon Musk. The movie focuses on a lobbyist for big tobacco that finds it difficult to balance his duties defending the dangerous substance with those of being a good role model for his young son.

The Campaign – In this 2012 movie directed by Jay Roach, the plot focuses on a Congressman Campaign race. One is a Congressman, played by Will Ferrell, and the other is a native tourism director played by Zach Galifianakis who is aided by his family’s political connections and a ruthless campaign manager. The campaign battle heats up as Election day approaches for them both as they each pull every dirty trick in the book to foil the others efforts.