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Spacemov Review 2018

Spacemov is one of the best free streaming service I have ever stumbled upon.

Like most all streaming services they have annoying ads, but they do not go overboard with it! The user interface is similar to streamroyale (Who doesn’t love dark themes when watching late night movies?), clean and easy to navigate through.

The quality is good for most movies, and you can even setup a notification to be sent to you when an HD version is available! Some of their videos are a poor quality, but it labels the quality of the video for you, so you know whether or not you will be wasting your time. Though some quality is bad, it seems to be mostly for newer movies. I know some services that refuse to upload bad quality videos, which is understandable, but often if a new movie came out I just want to watch it! Regardless of quality.


I at least like how I have it as an option is it is the best option available currently. I honestly cannot get over how awesome the user interface is. There are many streaming service with just a collection of thumbnails with movie titles and there you go. This is not the case with Spacemov. Spacemov feels like a clean and professional website and it is real easy to quickly find the button for whatever it is you want to do.

One downside is that while they do have server options, I often find for many videos there is only one server for a certain film, which can be disappointing if you happen to have a bad connection to the one you are using.

Great recommendation engine

Lastly, they have a section for “You May Also Like” and this is a feature often overlooked by other services such as putocker2. Sometime we don’t know what we want to watch, and having available categories such as this can make finding that last minute movie for bed a quicker and easier operation.


The second you visit this site, you know you found something akmost as good as Netflix for the price it is free! Spacemov is definitely a great option for a free streaming service and if you have not checked it out yet, you better go do it now. Overall I give Spacemov a rating of 5, because all the downside to it are easily countered by all the other positive things it has going for it. For a free service, this service is a no brainer!

Rating 5/5 Stars