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SwiipeUp.com Review - by an Independent Model

Being an independent adult entertainment model, these days is an incredible profitable gig, as you - the regular readers will of seen our lunch money review might already be knowing. The internet’s growth and reach across the world has been growing at a lightning-fast pace, and with-it people are realizing and manifesting new ways of expressing and satisfying their sexual needs.

I'm sure you've all heard of IndieBill, the platform that enables you to buy content directly from cam models. In this article, we're going to talk about a similar web-based payments processor competitor that just recently launched in the same space – SwiipeUp.com.

SwiipeUp.com is the newest kid on the block competing with IndieBill for market share of independent adult model services. SwiipeUp's much hyped payments platform that claims to make it simple (or simple sells, as they put it) for models and other online adult workers to send payment links to clients and receive payouts. But does it stand the test of reality? As we’ll find out, there’s more to SwiipeUp than what meets the eye.

But first up, we’ll give it to them: The site is well designed and pleasing to the eye. It has great navigation and fantastic load times. But as we’ll see, the good things only stop here. It appears that site was made by experienced developers who unfortunately left their ethics, their moral standards as well as their legal and regulatory counsel at home while designing.

Allows minors on the site.

The biggest problem we've realized is the fact that they allow minors on the site. And this includes both the models as well as the clients. They do not have an independent age verification mechanism to guard against underaged users which can really backfire, as most countries have incredibly strict laws when it comes to going after those who enable participation of minors in the adult services industry, either through malice, negligence or sheer incompetence.

Though they have a page on SwiipeUp.com claiming this, they strictly distance themselves from the 18 U.S.C. § 2257(h)(2)(B) regulation of the United States Civil Code. It’s a clever move on the part of the developers so they have a plausible deniability when it comes to getting caught with minors using their site.


Amazon AWS’s TOS bars sexual content

Also, their infrastructure runs on Amazon Web Services which explicitly states that their infrastructure cannot be used for such services. So, sticking with them is a huge risk in the sense that it can get shut down at almost any moment. You wouldn't want to put all of the 'eggs' of your hard-earned money into one single basket, as that would be a foolish and a catastrophic mistake.

Let’s take a moment here to go through the Amazon Web Services terms of service again so it’s clear…

Through your use of Amazon Web Services, you will not:

Transmit material that is sexually explicit, relates to “adult services”, or contains sensitive financial or identifying information (such as social security numbers)

We’ve bolded the relevant point so it’s clear. Here's a direct link to the FULL terms of AWS service on Amazon's site.

Shady ‘About’ section of the site

One of the first pages we here at SuperChillin checkout is the ‘About’ page of a site. The biggest issue when it comes to trust in SwiipeUp is that there is no identifiable person or a registered company, as you'd normally expect for financial services company. Heck, there isn't even a social media page and the ‘founders’ don’t have a LinkedIn or a similar page attached. All that makes it a black box for the models as they don't know what they are signing up for.

And given that they are not a registered company, you will lack the correct paper work to file your taxes, which is required by most governments worldwide.

If you are earning money and not declaring it (as SwiipeUp up encourages to avoid their own tax liability—an absolutely shady practice) you could find yourself with an unexplained wealth audit from your local government’s tax office. I’m sure nothing is scarier than folks from the tax office knocking on your door when you're in the middle of a session.

Chargebacks and lack of bank protection

Also, there's a great potential for chargebacks affecting you directly affecting your payout as they have no standardized policy on that. This is easy to overlook, but this can cost you dearly if you get hit by scamming clients with false chargebacks. Plus, they have NO INSURANCE against this.

We've also heard from active and former models on how they prey on newer models and amatures, as they're not as experienced as older ones and can be cheated on more easily.

Another aspect to think about is that the platform, as the shady-anonymous creators claim, is that the platform is owned by online sex workers themselves. All this sounds great until you realize the great potential for them to misuse your client's data and the potential ability to steal/poach clients from you. You don’t want more competition to your limited clients than you already have, do you?

This is a big red flag showing that the founders have conflict of interest.

Delayed pay-outs and terrible adult model support

Another thing we need to address is their payout. Their payments platform payout is very unreliable, as a former anonymous client of their once said to SuperChillin. Another currently active client told SuperChillin that the support and care for their cash-cows, a.k.a models are awful and it takes a long time to hear back from them, if one hears back from them at all.

She adds, “One of the core tenets of running the business is taking care of the people who bring you in the money. And if you treat them like trash—the very people who are helping your business grow—then there’s no future in this product and I’m working toward quitting it and having my own revenue stream.”

Another active client adds, “Support, when it comes to SwiipeUp, it's pathetically bad. Emails take days to be responded to, and most of the fixes that the support recommends doesn't fix the issue.”

We've also heard from some of the active models of the payment links that they send to their clients not working. What could be worse than performing your mind and soul out for your client only to realize that the payment failed because of a dead link? Frustrating, we know.

The shadiness of the company and founders

Also, aside from the reliability issues as well as the delayed payouts, the biggest problem most of the former as well as current models identified with the platform is the shadiness of the founders.

It would be quite apparent, even to an outsider, that anyone who's willing to forgo of proper procedures and standards to protect minors from online sexual exploitation would go on to any length to make money, at the cost of ethical standard.

As we mentioned in the opening few blocks of text, it appears that site was made by experienced developers who unfortunately forgot their ethics, their moral standards as well as their legal and regulatory counsel at home while designing.

Another aspect about the founders and developers is that they claim to be ex-Snapchat—one of the biggest players in the online chat—but they do not provide any credential for that. As we all know, on the internet, without proper credentials, anyone can claim to be anyone or anything. Did I tell you I’m Vladimir Putin?


Missing Bank protection and high percentage.

Stripe—one of the best payments processor platform in the industry—only charges 3%, whereas SwiipeUp up charges 17%. One doesn’t need to have business degree to see the incredible gap in the respective margin. If you want to take on the risk of using a non-adult payment processor you should go direct and not pay SwiipeUp’s extortionate 17% cut.

Here's a snippet from Stripe's site showing their policy on 'Restricted Businesses':

Pornography and other obscene materials (including literature, imagery and other media); sites offering any sexually-related services such as prostitution, escorts, pay-per view, adult live chat or phone conversation features."

Here's a direct link to the FULL TEXT of Stripe's policy on 'Restricted Businesses.'

As a side-note, we had an email-exchange with the of ECPAT international, which is a leading organization that’s fighting online exploitation of minors.

Many organizations, like ECPAT international, have done a lot of work and research into online exploitation of children. It defines the online exploitation of children as, "Online sexual exploitation most commonly includes grooming, live streaming, consuming child sexual abuse material, and coercing and blackmailing children for sexual purposes. As technology advances, new forms of this crime emerge. Never before has it been easier for perpetrators to make contact with children, share images of abuse, hide their identity and profits – and inspire each other to commit further crimes."

So, as defined clearly in the categorical definition, SwiipeUp is in clear violation of many of ECPAT's child online exploitation points because of an absolutely non-existent minors filtering mechanism that we mentioned right at the beginning.


In conclusion, we’d absolutely advice models to better stick to platforms that operate with transparency and respect for models such as OnlyFans or PornHub’s Models program, aside from taking a small risk in directly using non-adult based payment platforms like Stripe, Worldpay etc.

A brief description of both the sites is given below:

PornHub Models: It’s a program by the Canadian porn website PornHub. It has many benefits like:
• One of the highest video views in the industry, keep 90% less 15% processing fee on all video sales.
• Add your paid videos to Premium and get a cut of our monthly subscription Viewshare rate
• Take advantage of PornHub’s 3 billion visits a month traffic - get new fans and viewers daily
• Create unique fantasies by request, keep 80% of sale less 15% processing fee

OnlyFans: OnlyFans is a social media service based in London, England. It can be accessed online and from mobile devices. After registration, creators run a subscription content service, with ways for them to build relationships and provide exclusive content to their subscribers, or "fans".

The platform mimics Twitter's business model. It is popular in the adult entertainment industry, but also hosts content creators from other genres such as physical fitness experts, independent musicians, fashion icons, comedy acts, and other creators who post regularly online. It allows content creators to receive funding directly from their fans on a monthly basis as well as on tips and the pay-per-view (PPV) feature.

PPV allows creators to send personalised content directly to their "fan" for a set price, meaning the user cannot view the content until it has been paid for and the creator cannot receive payment before sending the content.

Hope this article helped open your eyes to the unethical and scam-like behavior of SwiipeUp. If you are an independent model looking for a payment gateway to handle your client payments, you know exactly whom to avoid.

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