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Watch Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 8

The popular Adult Swim animated show Rick and Morty has captured the hearts of many fans, and is in high demand. As of now, the show consists of three seasons, with Adult Swim still airing the episodes from each season. Every night around 12 AM (Eastern Standard Time), Adult swim just airs one random episode from the show, although they usually appear to air in a certain order. The third season of the show has grown to already having a mere 10 episodes. The new season is doing well as it is popular, especially with both fans and ratings. However, the new episodes may be hard to watch and stream for some. Considering that the season started in 2017 however, this is a bit of a disappointment. Rick and Morty Season 3 episode 8 for example, is a popular episode and proves to have a heart-wrenching plot and ultimately provides a turning point for the show.

Adult Swim

Of course the episode would be easy to view on Adult Swim, seeing as it is where the show is hosted. Adult Swim is an adult-programming block taking place at night, so the main channel that would be airing Rick and Morty Season 3 episode 8 is Cartoon Network. Again, the channel has somewhat altered their time slots for the show, so be sure to set your DVR if you plan on going to bed early. Times and dates may also vary based on Region and Country, as well as what episode will be aired. Adult Swim routinely alters their schedule as they have a wide variety of shows that need to be show, with Rick and Morty being one of them, as sometimes the show is aired at 11:30, or even earlier at 9. Season 3 episode 8 (Rest and Ricklaxation) is currently not set to air on any known time schedule in the U.S. this week.


If you use Netflix as your main streaming service or platform, you may be out of luck when it comes to watching Rick and Morty Season 3 episode 8, but most likely the show as a whole. But, that is just for now, as it is really uncertain if the entire show or just season 3 is coming to Netflix. Really, Netflix has missed the boat with this one. Seeing as Rick and Morty has skyrocketed to one of the most beloved Adult Swim shows and has became a very-respected Adult comedy. But the issue is, Netflix really can’t host Rick and Morty, and won’t be acquiring any new seasons anytime soon. Turner Broadcasting (both Cartoon Network and the Adult Swim block’s parent company and owner) favors Hulu greatly, seeing as they have set a very inclusive deal with the streaming service alternative to Netflix.



Perhaps one of the best streaming services to watch Rick and Morty and to stream season 3 episode 8, and to anticipate new seasons. If you are a fan of Rick and Morty, this factor may very well be a selling point for you to join the massively growing streaming service. Every episode of the Emmy Winning animated adult cartoon is hosted on Hulu, including the sought out season 3.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is the one streaming service you could join, and enjoy other benefits aside from watching your favorite shows such as Rick and Morty. Like Hulu, you can enjoy watching every episode from the growing and popular series, considering that all three complete seasons are included. If you are a fan of Rick and Morty but would prefer to still be set up with another streaming service aside from Prime, you are welcome to purchase each episode individually, or you could purchase each season of the show separately for $20.00. Each episode is sold at a price of just about $3.00.


Youtube has really came into the streaming service game, especially in 2019 with the release of their live streaming service that is completing with modern television. Youtube’s movie and television section almost has just about anything, besides user-based and uploaded content. Unfortunately, aside from Youtube Live, youtube has no specific “streaming platform”. You are able to watch each episode with the purchase of an entire season for just 15 to 20 dollars depending on your quality preference. This method is clearly similar to Amazon’s Prime streaming service, and their purchase to watch option. Do not forget this very site -- Superchillin

Other Alternatives

When it comes to watching Rick and Morty, and cartoons in general, there are several alternatives. Of course Youtube is an option, but instead of purchasing the content, you could watch for free albeit with ads due to a user uploading the episode. Ads on the episode are usually placed there if the copyright holder wishes to make easy money from the episode, but this isn’t usually the case. Dailymotion, a site similar to Youtube in which user-based content is uploaded is another alternative to watch Rick and Morty season 3 if you are desperate to watch the new episodes, but the quality of these videos are questionable. And, we have our very own Superchillin

Where should you enjoy new seasons of Rick and Morty?

Almost anywhere it seems, besides Netflix. It’s unfortunate that Netflix has no rights or options to retrieve this ground-breaking cartoon. Youtube and Dailymotion selection of user-uploaded content clearly is not the best place to watch new seasons, so you should not anticipate to watch there. Of course Adult Swim is the best place to watch new seasons, and the best place to stream them is Hulu, as they have a very established connection with Time-Warner cable. So new content of this creative piece of adult animation is sure to be readily available on this platform first.