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What Are Some Unblur Alternatives?

Unblur Media, a SkyPrivate owned service, has announced that it’ll be shutting down operations soon. But, if you are a model or a general user who relied on Unblur media, fret not. We’ll be presenting various alternatives aside from explaining what exactly is going on with Unblur and why exactly it’s shutting down. Read on to learn more…

Being an independent adult entertainment model these days is an incredible profitable gig, as you -- the regular readers who have seen our Lunch Money review might already be knowing. The internet’s growth and reach across the world has been growing at a lightning-fast pace, and with-it people are realizing and manifesting new ways of expressing and satisfying their sexual needs.

We will first describe what the online adult industry constitutes exactly. Then we’ll talk about Unblur, its working and the reason why it’s shutting down. Finally, we’ll discuss some of the Unblur alternatives you can incorporate in your payment portfolio to keep the cash flowing.

What is online adult industry?

The online adult industry is among the most profitable business branches on the Internet, and its web sites attract large amounts of visitors and traffic. Nevertheless, no article has yet characterized the industry’s economical and security-related structure. As cyber-criminals are motivated by financial incentives, a deeper understanding and identification of the economic actors and interdependencies in the online adult business is important for analyzing security-related aspects of this industry.

In this article, we provide deep information of the different economic roles that adult web sites—like Unblur—assume, and highlight their economic and technical features. We provide insights into security flaws and potential points of interest for cybercriminals. We achieve this by applying a combination of automatic and manual analysis techniques to investigate the economic structure of the online adult industry and its business cases.


What is Unblur?

As we explained in the opening lines of the article, Unblur is a payments processor platform built by Unblur technology corporation specifically for use by the online adult entertainment models.

Launched in 2013, Unblur is a Skype-based service that gains its popularity thanks to the unordinary but simple work system. Either it offers to relax after a long day or just have fun, here you will always come across hot models ready for everything you desire. The world of unbelievable adult pleasures is not an imagination any more.
The Unblur com has already attracted over 27,500 models ready to perform unbelievable shows in front of the screen. This service differs from the others because of the great variety of professional webcam models with exceptional skills and a sense of sexuality.

The clientele isn't limited by several countries. As Unblur bases on Skype, people around the globe usually find out about this service and join with no doubts. Note that all users need to have their Skype profiles. It also ensures the class of a typical customer, because here you will likely come across users with high or middle level of incomes. No moocher waiting for everything free and spoon-fed.

The creators of Unblur do everything most professionally. That's why you will need to make some unusual steps to sign up in comparison with other webcam sites. But be sure that it won't take a lot of time. Just a few minutes, everything is done, and you are ready to enjoy hot shows.

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How did Unblur work?

You can sign up for an account using your Skype ID. They recommend using a dedicated Skype ID because it offers Skype cam shows. In the registration form, you'll be asked to enter the following information: username, password, and valid email address. After that, you will receive an email asking you for account setup confirmation. It's important that you set up your account with an email that you check at least once a week.

They declare that they don't send any Spam, but ifs important for them to keep their users informed about adjustments and improvements. They can also help if there are any problems with the models you call. In the end, choose your account type as a member.

Once you are signed up, you can start your exploring of the fantastic world of Unblur horny models. There are some steps you need to do to start your using. First of all, check your Internet connection. Of course, you know it, it's just a little reminder. After that make sure that Skype is on, and that you have enough funds in your account for the desired show. The point is that the model can easily reject you if she sees that the amount of money isn't sufficient. That's all, nothing complicated.

Differently from other typical webcam sites, on this service, you need to buy the show without any previous free browsing. But you won't need to crowd with other numerous users. Just you and her. That sounds attractive.

Models usually fill their profiles with lots of details including age, physical features, preferences and information about the show. You can also easily look at their photos and videos for free. Here it's impossible to come across scams or unattractive models because the selection is quite assiduous. Moreover, you can rate models and write different comments that will be a base for formation of a top model list.

Prices on Unblur depend on models and vary from expensive to quite cheap and very affordable. They can choose anything between $1 per minute and $12 per minute. The main characteristic of the payment system is that you need to pay per minute. The average prices are the following:

• Personal show —$1 - $12 per minute
• Tips—from $1

What is interesting is that all the payment is made through the Skype account with the funds you've loaded.

But you cannot even pay by bitcoins. That’s the big downside.We have presented some alternatives below that both accept and payout cryptocurrencies, including BTCs.


Is Unblur shutting down?

Yes, Unblur is shutting down. As announced on their website, it shut down back in 15th of January 2020. The text reads, “Sadly Unblur services are going to be discontinued. Therefore, starting with the 15th of January, payments will no longer be processed on Unblur.”

What are some Unblur alternatives?

ExtraLunchMoney - Takes both videos and photos. Kind of hard to get things going on the site, but the money is still decent, as we’ve previously mentioned in our review.

Clips4Sale - Although we don’t personally work for this site, we do know a lot of models do and they have wonderful things to say.

FanCentro at puts the highest ranked models at the very top, so unless you have a fanbase, it’s hard to get anywhere on there in the beginning. That being said, the traffic is really decent. This pay-site is for models only.

Chaturbate - Females, Males, trans-people and couples are all welcome! There are tons of different bots you can set up, like a wheel of fortune app that is activated when someone donates your minimum set tip amount to get a prize from the wheel. You can customize it however you want. A very good amount of traffic, but a lot of freeloaders.

PolyAlpha – Finally, we come to PolyAlpha. This incredibly promising platform has a multitude of payout options including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ETH, etc. It also has an ability to hold your currencies and cash out later, so overall a solid choice. Plus they have INCREDIBLE customer support with an amazing interface, including in their chat app.

Hope you learnt a thing or two about the shutting down of Unblur. Be sure to keep checking SuperChillin for more incredibly informative articles on sites and services that matter to you—the readers and subscribers.