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How to install Kodi 17.4 on Firestick

The Amazon Firestick is a truly innovative device. On one hand, it is an innovative product based on simplicity, especially with it’s design and motive to make watching tv and streaming services easier. As with any tech product, some feel adjustments do have to be made. Perhaps it could be new apps and games being installed, or other helpful programs such as Kodi. To sum this app up, Kodi is an open-source entertainment/media platform that is avaliable for several different operating systems, including the firestick. So, here are the best tips and methods for exactly how to install Kodi 17.4 on Firestick.

Step 1 Get Used to your Menu and Developer Settings

If you are still somewhat confused about how to install Kodi 17.3 on firestick, you are going to have to get used to the process. Considering that it is not a “traditional” app within the store, be sure to explore the menu of your device, and become comfortable with it. The menu isn’t too difficult to navigate, but things get can become a bit more confusing if you don’t follow the steps and actually discover your developer settings. To get started in the downloading process, find your settings and be sure to click My Fire TV, which should be under a box logo resembling the box the firestick essentially connects to. After clicking developer options, maneuver to the apps from unknown sources setting, and click to turn it on, and make sure it is before you go back to the menu.


Step 2 Familiarize yourself with the Downloader application

After returning to the Firestick’s main menu/home screen, you have essentially somewhat jail-broke your FireStick, considering that you have opened a way to get more out of the product. After navigating to the search portion of the main menu, type in “Downloader”, and be sure to click the app with the orange color scheme and arrow, install it, and then later finally launch the app. After opening the app, you will be welcomed with a notification in the open window, so be sure to click OK, as in you agree to how the app functions.

Step 3 Decide Which Kodi Version you would like to install

Although Kodi is generally an evolving software which different versions, previous versions and newer versions such as the Kodi 17.4 download (perhaps the newest version), Kodi 17.6 download, the kodi 16.1 download, and more popularly, the Kodi 17.3 download, which seems to be admired the most for its flexibility and how it plays media. To install the previous version of Kodi, be sure to use a troypoint link. Troypoint.com/k7 is one example of a link to help you download the newest version of this application. After you type in the initial address/link, the Kodi download and installation process should begin. After this process is finished, be sure to disregard any new files popping up, such as a possible newest version of Kodi, because that could cause storage issues later on. If you would like to access Kodi much faster and easier, you can then go to the menu and follow additional steps for creating a shortcut which will display Kodi near your other most-loved and most-used apps.