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How to install Kodi on Xbox 360?

What is Kodi?

Since its creation in 2003 (called back then Xbox Media Center Kodi stands as one of the most veteran applications that allow you to turn your computer into a multimedia center in which to play your videos, music files or photographs. This multimedia center has been gradually winning the loyalty of thousands and thousands of users around the world for its great features.

One of the most fascinating features of Kodi is that its code is free (under the GNU / GPL license), allowing all Internet users to have access to its source code and manipulate it for adaptation in any operating system or device in the who need to use it Due to this ability, Kodi has versions for both Windows and GNU / Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, Raspberry Pi and virtually any other you need.

Another feature that makes Kodi stand out is that it is a totally modular application that you can adapt and adjust to your needs. Not only because it has themes to change its interface, but also because it also has a system of add-ons with which to add different types of functionalities depending on your characteristics.

Although days pass by and continuity is leaving it behind, the XBOX 360 will always be recognized as one of the best consoles of the current era and although there are already video game companies that are no longer including it to release their new titles, there are still millions of gamers who stay with their good old XBOX 360 and enjoy it to the fullest, which means taking advantage of its features to install extensions, multimedia gallery and more. Kodi, as we already know, is a huge exponent of this field.

Many users often wonder if Kodi can be installed on XBOX 360 and if you are one of them, then you are about to learn the steps to get Kodi on this console.

Can you put Kodi on XBOX 360?

Yes! The installation of Kodi in XBOX 360 consists of an extremely simple procedure; it is almost equal to downloading and installing a program on your computer or attaching applications to your smartphone. Although it does not have much time available for Microsoft platforms (including XBOX ONE) users have included the application to their consoles to get the most out of its functions.


How to install Kodi on XBOX 360?

The steps below can be applied to both users of the XBOX 360 and XBOX ONE, since the interface is basically the same and has the same functions.

  1. Go to the “store” option on your XBOX 360.
  2. Write “Kodi” on the search bar and enter.
  3. Select Kodi from the list that will be shown to you.
  4. Press the “Install” button.
  5. You may have to wait a few seconds (or minutes, depending on your internet connection) until the process is complete.
  6. Launch Kodi right after it’s installed.
  7. Now you can use Kodi on your XBOX!

Currently, Kodi offers sections for XBOX of movies, TV shows, music, normal TV, radio, famous add-ons and photos.

Are there any restrictions for Kodi on XBOX 360?

Despite being one of the largest and best-known media players in the world, yes, Kodi maintains certain flaws and restrictions in the Microsoft XBOX 360 and XBOX One platforms that, while being watched by the developers behind it, It limits to some extent its use and what we would like to do with its interface.

· Since most users usually use Kodi to enjoy certain movies, Shows, save multimedia content and listen to music, this does not pose a problem that makes the use of the platform impossible, but the fact is that Kodi cannot access the Blu-ray drive or play external drive contents.
· There have been numerous reports of users who claim to have had problems when playing Ad-hoc / local network content. The answers given indicate that this problem occurs because the file transfer protocol used by Kodi is different for Mac and for Windows, thus hindering the successful transfer between files of a local network. Although you can configure the system as a UPnP server and have access to any content installed on the Kodi device, there are promises to fix this bug and have fewer problems when using it.

It is no secret to anyone that Kodi has had numerous versions and updates and although many users were a little fond of the 17.3 version (officially released in 2017) for the stability that it offered, they would like to know how to download it for their XBOX 360, It’s necessary to make clear that the update that is currently obtained in the store is Kodi 18. This is not a problem either, since we’re talking about a fully-featured 64 bit application.