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Megashare8 Down 2018

Megashare8 was an awesome site for a while.

I do have my concerns. The payment options being reduced to crypto does have me consider many concerns on the potential lifetime of the service. However, there has been complications in the past and they of course usually have been resolved in some manner, so I hope history will show to repeat itself. Unlike other non-mainstream streaming services, megashare8 is the most professional one in the market with a bigger selection than Wamela Movies.


The website alone shows that much love and care has been provided to the service, and the premium content on it displays that as well. I never have an issue finding a movie or show that someone has recommended me. Even if you do, unlike other streaming services, megashare8 allows you to actually request content. Your favorite movie or show isn’t on there? Just simply request it! At first the site can be a little confusing to navigate, but the FAQ and support section gives you very detailed answers and assistance.


On the home page you can see all the recently added episodes and this is updated practically every single day! You always see fresh and new content arriving to the site. Unlike many competitors such as noobroom and superchillin, after a few months, leaves you with content you either don’t like or have binge watched a dozen times already. Everyday is an adventure on the site, and I have discovered so many new shows and movies that I have fallen in love with, all thanks to megashare8. You can also create your own personal lists, almost as if pinning favorite shows and movies so you don’t need to go rummage through your “Recently watched” section, that is, if you can even find it (I’m talking to you Netflix).

If it weren't for the minor inconveniences I mentioned earlier, megashare8 would have certainly been given 5 stars!

Rating - 4/5 Stars