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Megashare9 Update 2019

Man, I have been using megashare9 for… well… I don’t even know how long!

Perhaps forever? Ever since the early noobroom days and the transition to Stream Royale I have been acquiring my entertainment content through this service.

I was using it all for the early days of The Walking Dead, Fear Of The Walking Dead, Silicon Valley and more. This service has been there for me all these years and I have grown a deep and intimate love for it.


The service has had its ups and downs with transitioning names, payment options, etc. However overall I have never experienced a consistent and useful service as I have with megashare9. When ever I describe the service to anyone they are always immediately jealous and want to join up themselves.

They ask, “Oh does it have shows for my kids?!” YES! Or they ask, “Is deadpool on megashare9?!” YES! This service has pretty much anything your little heart desires. Oh, and did I mention, more than one person can use the service at once? That’s right, if you and your wife want to watch separate shows, and seperate devices, rest assured that you can! Of course there is a device limitation, but there is a solution!


Are your kids hogging up the service by being logged on multiple devices? Well, you can simply log each service off based on the device! See that there is one too many people on, and one of them is your kid on his Xbox? You can go to account settings and kick his butt off so you can use it! Heck most of the time they just leave the device idle, so you are not even really “kicking them off”. This service has been great for my family and I, and I will always continue to use it!

Rating: 5/5 Stars