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Noobroom review

I am one (of few) who likes the design. Generally it makes it seem way more fresh compared to "superchillin".

I generally like how the layout is in the movies and tv show section, as it isn't big nor small. Compared to netflix this looks really good, but it really should too as it has way more tv shows/movies than netflix it self. The best thing about this site is 100% the fact that it saves how far you have come in a show or movie, I really, REALLY do like how that works. The complete downsite is the fact that you can't pay with a card, but with crypto currency only. It is not that I don't know how to pay with crypto but it is just a detour around..

Noobroom is better than Superchillin and Netflix combined.

The support: I really like how the support is on this site. Using HBO or something similar to that, takes a lot of time getting in touch with support. On these sites, there is such a small wait time which I really appreciate as I've gotten my account hacked 2 times (I might have outdone my self lol)

Alright so what I watch the most is the amarican tv shows, therefor I really like how it works. Getting each episode from the day before that has been on LIVE TV on the site just amazes me.

About the movies. They get added around 3 months after their release as they've gotten out on DVD. Can't blame them as Quality is key

I'd say 4/5 stars! (Reason for -1 star is the fact that you can't pay with card anymore)