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Putlockers2 Update 2018

putlockers2 is essentially the Netflix of online streaming

They even has Netflix originals! Whatever you want, whenever you want is the best way to sum up the service. You can download the videos, stream the videos, apply subtitles to the videos, and more. One of the most convenient features is being able to automatically play the next episode when watching a series.


Often when I am sitting on my living room couch watching a series I don’t want to use the terrible TV browser to go and click on the next episode. Another convenient feature is it being able to keep your videos where you last left off. Often times I catch myself falling asleep to a series and coming back not knowing where I left off. With putlockers2 I can easily tick or untick autoplay to make sure I don’t come back to it looking as if I watched the entire season last night.

A big complaint many have is in regards to the cryptocurrency payments only. I feel this is only a complaint for those who have never used a crypto currency, because it is essentially no different than if you bought “credits” on audible. There are many coin exchanges that make it easy to buy and sell crypto directly with your bank account.

Putlockers2 also keeps their promise on requested content. I remember Netflix released a new series called “Atypical” and I sent in a request. The very next day they had the entire season uploaded and ready to be watched. The quality is usually very high and I never have had to deal with a buffering issue, unlike some other services. The service does seem to have an issue on Xbox sometimes, and the owners have acknowledged this and put up support advice on those who experience issues with it. Lately, I have not been having issues as often with this.


I do wish they had a chatroom for other users on the site. That is the one thing I miss about Noob Room, where you could actually engage with the community and develop a sense of culture. Regardless, putlockers2 is the best streaming service you are honestly going to find and you can tell the owners of the site genuinely care about their members and customers. I recommend the service to all of my friends and family and they all enjoy it as well. They have never disappointed me, and I don’t think they ever will!

Rating 3.5/5 Stars