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Sagose Closed Down 2018

I personally use sagose for all of the shows I watch.

With other streaming sites there is no download option or it's just some link to a terrible program that's probably a virus.

In my current situation not being able to use putlocker2, I have to download shows to my hard drive in order to stream them to my TV. The library of shows is immense and there is even an option to request new shows to be added in case they don't have it already. The streaming speeds are more than plenty, no buffering at all.


If you already pay for Netflix, there is no reason not to pay the same amount and get worlds more content that will never go away. I recently wanted to rewatch Lost on Netflix but they took it down and that was frustrating.

I can count on the shows I used to watch and the shows I want to watch to be available in exquisite quality. The user interface is very clean and streamlined, everything is where it is for a reason and you can tell some care went into the design. By far the best feature of the site is the video quality.


When I download something off pirate bay there is no guarantee it will be good quality. 1080p is sometimes just 720p upscaled, here I can always get exquisite, immersive quality, both video and audio on any show I want to watch. Overall, the only reason to not sign up for an account is if you haven't heard of the site. I only wish there was a free trial so people could see for themselves why this site is so great.

5/5 stars.