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Stream Royale Review

Stream Royale is way better than any other streaming.

It has HBO, Netflix, and Hulu content all in one! Just log on and search what you want to watch, I guarantee you will find it. You can download a tv series and stream it.

One of my favorite features of Stream Royale over noobroom is being able to switch on over a different server if you happen to have buffering issues. It also has plenty of family friendly films and kid shows, so I can always put my kids favorite show on if I need some quiet time.


There is sometimes an issue where movies with natural subtitles don’t get displayed (Such as foreign language movies), but you can always just turn them on yourself. You can easily setup an autoplay mode if you decide to lay in bed and fall asleep watching TV. The price is extremely cheap too! As of writing this the price is roughly $10 a month, and that is what you would pay for just about any other service, but get more!

There are plenty of crypto exchanges that make it easy to purchase the premium as well.

I once requested that they upload an old series with Archie Bunker, but they didn’t seem to do it. Perhaps it’s because the request was not in high demand. The quality is usually very high, even better than superchillin.


I never have had to deal with a buffering issue, unlike some other services. The service does seem to have an issue on Xbox sometimes, and the owners have acknowledged this and put up support advice on those who experience issues with it. Lately, I have not been having issues as often with this.

I do wish they had a chatroom for other users on the site.

That is the one thing I miss about NR, where you could actually engage with the community and develop a sense of culture. Regardless, StreamRoyale is the best streaming service you are honestly going to find and you can tell the owners of the site genuinely care about their members and customers.

I recommend the service over megashare8 to all of my friends and family and they all enjoy it as well. Stream Royale is by far a superb service and I will be using it until the day it is no longer on the internet. It is a wonderful experience and nothing can really compare. I hope you find a Stream Royale invite!

Rating 5/5 Stars