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If there is one thing I can say about superchillin, it's just simply “wow”. I often found myself navigating through the countless arbitrary genres of Netflix, scrolling past a bunch of movies and shows I hate or have already seen.

This is not the case with Superchillin. Superchillin always has old and new content for me and is always kindly displaying relevant and useful genres and categories to explore. You ever go through Netflix or Hulu and realize that the show you used to binge watch on there all the time is now gone? Not with superchillin! Streaming is fast and problem free.


The only thing I do have a complaint about is that you currently can only purchase the subscription via Crypto. However, if you are unfamiliar with Crypto and think this sound scary, don’t! It is super easy to do this by signing up to a platform such as CoinBase.

Videos are always high quality and up to date. You can find early classics such as the original Jurassic Park all the way up to the new modern Jurassic World! Old and new isn’t just for movies, but tv shows as well! I never have billing or subscription issues, and I have never experienced downtime from the site (Except once, but it was a very short time span), but this is more of an issue with Putlockers2.


I look forward to using this service for as long as I possibly can. This site is perfect in every shape and form! The only reason I give it the 4 star rating is because I am limited to cryptocurrency.

Rating: 4/5 Stars